Grameen Danone - Eco-Friendly Mini-Factory for Food

Posted by Ronald Jonash on Oct 11, 2019 12:06:00 PM
Ronald Jonash
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Grameen Danone is a small capacity yogurt factory built to address malnourishment and poverty using sustainable local resources and a novel business model.


Grameen Bank and Groupe Danone have partnered to develop a self sustaining enterprise business that produces fortified yogurt for the local community using only local resources and sales and distribution capabilities in Bogra, Bangladesh.


The factory uses renewable resources such as solar energy and rainwater recycling. Yogurt is packaged in biodegradable cups made from cornstarch. The factory produces 22,000 pounds daily, enough to provide
breakfast for 130,000 children; the successful pilot is now being scaled up.


Yogurt is priced as low as $0.09 per 2.1 ounce serving, making it affordable to the poorest people.

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