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Posted by Ronald Jonash on Oct 11, 2019 12:09:00 PM
Ronald Jonash
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Healthovations come from companies that have succeeded in making the world a healthier and happier place while at the same time capturing value for themselves. They have much to teach us in the health and well-being industry as well in the more general realm of business innovation. From the creation of novel business models to new ways to produce and deliver new goods and services, Healthovate! organizations provide inspiring examples of how to create value for today’s consumers. Healthcare ask yourself a few questions:

• What health and well-being trends are affecting your business?
• What do you expect customers to say?
• What is your “Aha” for creating a new Healthovation?
• What can you do to create barriers to entry?
• What kind of results should you expect?

On the first page, the title at the top is a “sound bite” of the healthovation.
The couple of lines directly below the title describes the Customers’ Experience, explaining the characteristics of the healthovation that customers like so much. The three boxes in the middle of the page provide a concise overview of the healthovation and its impact by answering three questions: Who needs it? What was the healthovation? What was there before? Finally, the Impact box at the bottom of the page provides the reader with details concerning the company’s business results and future plans.

On the second page, the title at the top shows the Company “Aha,” describing the moment that led to the healthovation and then the path the company took to win and create value with the healthovation. The structure of the rest of the page is based on the key elements of analysis of innovations that we use at IXL Center. As you read down the page, you will find each of the key elements of our framework—Emerging Trends, Basic Human Needs, Why They Are Winning and unique value chain combinations composed of Pricing, Production, Offering, Delivery and Market.


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