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Posted by Ronald Jonash on Oct 11, 2019 12:11:00 PM
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Goalpost uses the power of peer support, game mechanics and cognitive behavioral therapy to help people become smoke-free. Designed as a 12-week "game", the program includes challenges and rewards with support along the way, helping the person stay motivated throughout the quit process.


I tried everything to quit smoking—from support lines to nicotine patches; nothing helped. Goalpost’s social community and goals really made me engage in the quitting process and stick with it!


People who are trying (or have tried and failed before) to quit smoking or any other addiction. People with health problems derived from smoking or substance abuse. People who think traditional quitting methods are not enough and thrive from community support or pressure


A behavioral change application, initially designed to quit smoking. This approach makes it fun to quit smoking by connecting you with friends, expert advice and game play. The program sets out a 12 week plan to quit the habit. The platform is designed to be a fun social network game, like Foursquare or Pinterest, but with goals and missions that take steps towards quitting smoking—or any other bad habit.


Online forums or support lines without personalized goals and contact.
Chemical products that are designed to slowly decrease dependence (such as nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes) but can be expensive.


Although the platform is relatively new and started at the end of 2011, by November 2012 Goalpost had 15,000 users. More than 3,000 have successfully quit smoking. In the US alone, 43 million people smoke, and at any given time 2 million are trying to quit. Goalpost may be able to help the 90% who fail the first time they try to stop smoking.


Ending Addiction: People recognize the impact of smoking and other habits that have bad effects on health. Goalpost realizes these habits are difficult to get rid of and that new methods of quitting (like social pressure) may make the process easier.

Gamification: More and more companies are realizing the power of game design to make their users and customers more engaged. The Goalpost platform is a game to help you get rid of smoking.


Health: Smoking, drinking and substance abuse harm people’s bodies; stopping this addiction will improve health.

Independence: Addiction creates dependency. Quitting can free people from spending money, losing time, and being unhealthy. Goalpost provides a structured way to become free from dependency on tobacco—and, potentially, many other addictive substances.


Goalpost works very closely with the medical professors, distinguishing it from most social forums dedicated to quitting and health in general.


Subscription: Health organizations, insurance companies, and other corporations pay a monthly fee to use the platform.

Corporate Subsidies: Consumers can use the social network for free.


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