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Posted by Ronald Jonash on Oct 11, 2019 12:13:00 PM
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BL Healthcare provides a full family of telehealth products that enable a broad range of real-time collaborative interaction between patients and family members, as well as, caregivers and providers. These devices can be used from the home to the hospital and everywhere in between.


I don’t want to give up my independence by moving into a home for the elderly. I feel secure now that I’m able to see and connect with my doctor without going to the hospital.


Isolated or immobile patients (often elderly) and their families who want
timely and personalized care without having to be put in a hospice or
long-term care facility. Insurance companies aiming to reduce ER
visits and unnecessary hospitalization. Hospitals that want to reduce readmission risk and costs and home health organizations that
want to improve service delivery.


A Remote Healthcare Management System that connects a patient to healthcare professionals, family and friends from a remote location. This
system provides an array of services on a standalone touchscreen or TV set‐top box, including vital sign data collection, reminders and alerts,
and physician video consults.


Multiple visits per year to doctors’ offices and the hospital with long wait times and travel expenses. Expensive, live-in nurses who care for the patient on a daily basis. Contact with medical practitioners that is not personalized or face-to-face, contributing to inaccurate data gathering and faulty diagnoses.


BL Healthcare is reducing patients’ travelling costs by 20%, ER visits by 30%, and providing faster and more efficient diagnostics, treatment delivery and scheduling. BL Healthcare is scaling up efforts through strong partners including Verizon and various insurance companies


Baby Boomers: Decreasing mobility of an aging population leads to increasing isolation.

Advances in Technology: Monitoring and diagnostic devices have become pervasive in healthcare, and wireless communications enable transmitting and sharing of medical information practically anywhere at any time.

Rising Healthcare Costs: As healthcare needs increase, costs are rising unsustainably


Independence: Patients value the ability to live on their own and maintain their physical and mental health into old age.

Simplicity: BL Healthcare makes its services easy to obtain at home and affordable.

Peace of Mind: Knowing you are always linked to help in case of a health problem.


BL Healthcare has gone beyond telemedicine, bringing a wide range of remote diagnostic and monitoring devices together into an integrated system that communicates with partners and stakeholders along the value chain


Leasing: Lease set-top boxes and touchscreen devices that operate as enablers of open architecture connectivity

Fee for Service: Sponsoring entities such as mobile and cable television companies charge monthly service and use fees.


A wide range of interfaces that can be made compatible for multiple types of diagnostic and monitoring devices created by other companies.


Secure, 24x7 health connectivity of patients and their devices to care providers, family, and friends via wireless and easy‐to‐use services in the patient’s home.


A touchscreen device or set-top box transmits alerts, vital signs, physician video consults and examinations, healthy lifestyle education, and more. The system is accessible on a PC, cell phone, PDA, or TV


Immobile or isolated patients (usually elderly) who want to receive health services at home Healthcare providers and payers aiming to save costs on delivering services to patients.


Partnerships with Verizon, global health enterprise UPMC, and other companies who help BL Healthcare to scale-up remote management solutions.

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